American Towman Spirit Ride

We love our job!  Helping others is what we strive for. That being said, this event means an awful lot to Jason, Apryl and our families. We would love it if you could help us raise awareness! We especially would appreciate it if our fellow first responders, Police, Fire and EMS would join us this day.

Invite your friends to attend! Have any media contacts? Let us get them on board as well! This is a NATIONALLY recognized movement, rallying America to Slow Down and Move Over!

We want to change the statistic that one tow operator is killed every six days! More so, we don’t want to become a part of that statistic and we especially don’t want to lose any of our fellow responders!

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Event Details:

The very professionals who earn a living from highway accidents are now taking to the streets to promote highway safety and help safeguard the lives of fellow first responders. The Spirit Ride will relay a ceremonial casket by car carrier across the nation an back. About 300 towing companies across the U.S. are contributing their services to the Spirit Ride to promote safe driving and Slow Down, Move Over Law. 

The Ride will pass through Greenwood Village, CO with the Spirit casket being relayed to JW Towing LLC. A Ceremony will take place at 10 am at AAA Colorado headquarters, followed by a procession of tow trucks and emergency service vehicles down South Bound I-25. 

The Move Over Law is often ignored and seemingly unknown to many motorists. The law exists in all states of the Union and requires passing vehicles to move over one lane when approaching an incident where tow operators, police, fire fighters and EMS people are working. 

The colorful ceremonial casket, called Spirit, is at eight feet, a stretch farther than a standard casket. Painted on it are a dozen scenarios depicting first-responders at the scenes of highway incidents. 

While promoting public awareness of the Move Over Laws the Ride at the same time honors first responders who’ve been killed by passing vehicles. Hundreds of roadside professionals are casualties each year of roadside incidents; about 100 of them are killed. Among police, fire, ems and towing professionals, 60% of those killed are tow operators. 

Some 300 tow companies are relaying the ceremonial casket by car carrier from town to town across the nation and back. According to American Towman Amazing President Steve Calitri, the ride is the greatest project in the history of the towing industry, which celebrated its centennial in 2016.

The Spirit Ride was founded by American Towman Magazine and B/A Products and is a project of American Towman Spirit, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, born to promote highway safety. Tow industry sponsors have pitched in with funds to support the coordination of the Ride and its media outreach campaign. All the towing companies participating by relaying the casket are contributing their services.